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Women's Health & Pregnancy

Women's Health refers to comprehensive women’s health care as well as health issues that are unique to women, including:
  • Pregnancy
  • Menopause
  • Conditions of the Female Organs
Be sure to get early and regular prenatal care to ensure you have a healthy pregnancy. You should also get recommended breast cancer, cervical cancer, and bone density screenings.
Our goal is to ensure the health and readiness of all women at every stage of life.

Women's Health Services

Women’s Health Services are provided by our board-certified family medicine physician and one primary care physician assistant.
Services include:
  • Contraceptive Services: prescription of birth control pills and NuvaRing; administration of Depo-Provera injections, and placement/removal of IUDs and Nexplanon. Vasectomies are available for male patients.
  • Diagnosis of pregnancy, initial medication, and lab management, as well as referral to the 48th Medical Group at RAF Lakenheath, or to off-base facilities for pregnancy care.
** Please note: we are not equipped to manage pregnancy care at this facility **
  • Diagnosis and management of concerns related to period/menstruation and breast-related concerns
  • Comprehensive well-woman exams, including screening for breast and cervical cancers, and including pap smears and HPV testing.
  • We also off the Gardasil vaccine, an immunization to help protect against HPV, the main cause of cervical cancer.
Your Family Medicine team is also here to help with your other general and preventive medical concerns (infections, not feeling well, fatigue, mental health concerns, musculoskeletal complaints, and routine health screenings). We also offer walk-in contraceptive services on Thursdays, 11 a.m. – noon.

TRICARE Covered Services

TRICARE covers well-woman exams annually for women under age 65 with no cost-share or copayment. TRICARE offers coverage for many women’s health services, including: For women who are age 65 and older and using TRICARE For Life, you can still get women’s preventive screenings. Get more information about these and other TRICARE covered services at:

Need Help?

Need help accessing reproductive health-contraceptive care?
Contact us and tell us about your challenge. Please allow 3 to 5 business days for a response.

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If you feel you're experiencing a medical emergency, call 911 or have someone drive you to the nearest emergency room.

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